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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Queen Eve Blows Up Love Robot and Goofy Guy! Juuza Twists Cel Contest!

Anime stuff, circa 1986

Fun N' Games

Okay, after that last mammoth post (remind me not to do anything like that for a while, please), it's time for a change. Of some kind.  I'm gonna start off with something I call...

Cross-cultural Hilarity Simularities, or RWG's seein' things a wee bit strangely today.
All together now:  "Awwwwwwww."

Doing the whole Matsumoto groove last post, I got to thinking about the whole Tochiro/Emeraldas thing and damned if it didn't remind me of something I'd seen just a couple years back.  Of course, I could've just been having flashbacks of the other fifteen other Leijiverse versions of the same damn relationship...but, no that wasn't it.  The scruffy little guy with the big heart.  The aloof, powerful, gorgeous gal with the big ship.  Hmm, where have I seen this recently?  Yeah.

Ohhh, yeah.

Love isn't blind, it's deaf and mute too.

Tell me I'm wrong. I dare ya. Now, I'm not sayin' that Andrew Stanton and the Pixar guys are drooling Matsumoto fanboys like me and the Corn Pone flicks crew, but only that some things are just universal: no matter where you go in space and time, there's always gonna be at least one awesome example of womanhood who is willing to go slumming when the right shlub flies through deadly radiation to fix her ship or plants a shrub in an old shoe and holds an umbrella over her head in a thunderstorm.

Well, okay, I'll be honest. It helps if the Tochiros and the Wall-Es are writing and directing the things.  Just sayin'.  But aside from the wish-fullfilment, fairy-tale aspect, there's a nugget of truth in this, isn't there?  Isn't there?

Hmm, okay, just for grins and giggles...

Name: Tochiro Oyama
Physical Characteristics: Short. Big Glasses. Bo legs.
Hangouts:  Dead worlds, Big ships with lots of skulls and crossbones.
Hobbies:  Fixing things,  Collecting scraps to build spaceships.
Hangs with:  Guy who is incredibly difficult to kill.
Ideal mate:  Obsessively driven woman with a big gun
Name: Wall-E
Physical Characteristics:  Short. Big Eyes. No legs.
Hangouts:  Dead worlds.  Big ships with numbskulls and lazybones.
Hobbies:  Making squares.  Collecting scraps.
Hangs with:  Bug who is impossible to kill.
Ideal mate: Obsessively driven bot with a big gun arm.

Name:  Emeraldas
Characteristics:  Quiet, with a nasty temper.
Hangouts:  Big ship with lots of robots.
Symbol: Red rose in a vase
Hobbies:  Blowing up spaceships.

Name:  Eve
Characteristics:  Quiet, with an incredibly nasty temper.
Hangouts:  Big ship with lots of robots.
Symbol:  Green plant in a shoe.
Hobbies:  Blowing up ships.

See. Incontrovertable truth:  No matter what language you speak, English, Japanese or robot, incredibly goofy guys CAN win the love lottery, provided they have the writers on their side.  With Valentine's Day coming up, I was tempted to leave this one 'till next month, but...

Okay, so much for the FUN (well, okay, I had fun). 

On to the GAMES.

I hope to make this a regular feature, or at least as regular as I can before my anime cel collection runs out.  As you may have noticed, I really like being smart ass with my captions.  I figure I'm not alone.  So, with that in mind, I proudly introduce the "Smart-ass Caption Contest!"  It's just like every other caption contest ever run, except that I'm gonna use animation cels from my collection instead of pics from the 'net.  Some are pretty boring, but since most are from Hokuto no Ken, you can figure a lot of them by nature lend themselves to the absurd.  But in an incredibly MANLY kind of way. 

Well, most of them, anyway...some are just...well...I'll start out with an incredibly easy one.

"If you can't snark on this one, you don't deserve to live!!!!"

I have a couple of extra SPT Layzner cells lying around, along with a few generic cels to shows I don't know.  Whoever comes up with the best caption, gets one or two of 'em and I'll even pay the postage.  Assuming anyone is actually reading this stuff and wants to put themselves out there, leave it in the comments section below.  The blog's only been around for a couple of weeks, so I'm giving this one another month or so before I figure no one cares.

"So, when did this skull all-hell-breaks-loose button get installed, anyway?"


  1. That is an AWESOME animation cel. If I had been an active otaku back in the VHS-trading days, I would have worn out several tapes watching the Juuza vs Raoh fight over and over again.

    My intellect recognizes that a man grappling with another man's arm is an absurd and silly thing, but my true self cannot be assuaged of its badass-edness.

  2. heh, yeah, I know what you mean. More cels to come as I dig them out of boxes and figure out how to insert them into posts so they make some kind of sense.

    RWG (most of 'em are just not all that interesting)

  3. Actually, Wall-E ripped off Freedom Project.

  4. I'm sorry I missed out on your cel contest. While it's no Hokuto No Ken, I rather enjoyed SPT Layzner.